We like to get it right. For that reason we do not take anything lightly when it comes to protecting you and your assets. The purchase or sale of your home is much more than just a financial transaction. We strive to help lead you to the right decisions while respecting the emotional process that goes along with buying and selling a home. We are very much a family run business, built from the ground up by creating and maintaining great relationships with those that we work with. Referrals always have been and always will be how we grow our client list... and that can only be done by treating people right.  



Shortly after graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Jeff gravitated towards the family business in 2004 and obtained his Real Estate License. He was immediately drawn to the opportunity to help good people navigate the daily onslaught of hurdles experienced in this industry by applying the problem solving skills learned in engineering. Ever since then he has been learning first hand from one of the most experienced and respected agents in the Bay Area. With well over a decade of experience under his belt working side by side with such a knowledgeable mentor, Jeff quickly made his presence known in the Bay Area.


Becoming a licensed Broker in 2012 Jeff continued to grow his network by focusing on providing his clientele with the service and expertise that they deserve. As a co-owner of the BHR Alamo franchise and ultimately opening a second office in Oakland he is well equipped to service the needs of buyers and sellers in both Contra Costa & Alameda Counties. Jeff has successfully represented clients in ...



Born and raised in Walnut Creek, Ryan attended Northgate High School and was a member of 94-95 State Championship basketball team. After high school he continued both his education and basketball career at Cal Poly Pomona, where he earned his bachelor's degree in Business.  Ryan has been close personal family friends with the Samuels Family since childhood and...

In Loving Memory of

In July of 2013, we sadly lost not only our beloved daughter and sister but also a valued and rising member of our business. Kacy was in her second year as a REALTOR, and had already proven to be a valuable asset in problem solving, negotiation techniques and valuation opinions.  Her education in graphic arts was most certainly going to be a strong tool in creating marketing materials for our listings.  We have no doubt that, like everything else in her life, she too would have been a star in the world of Real Estate.  To learn more about the amazing ways that Kacy lived her life and donated her time, energy and love to others, feel free to visit her memorial site: